SaS Denoising

SaS Denoising

Matlab code for the algorithm proposed in: Achim, A; Bezerianos, A; Tsakalides, P., “Novel Bayesian multiscale method for speckle removal in medical ultrasound images,” Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on, vol.20, no.8, pp.772,783, Aug. 2001, doi: 10.1109/42.938245

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  1. In order to run the code, you’ll need to go to and download the matlab implementation of the dual-tree DWT. My original implementation used the separable DWT embedded into the cycle-spinning algorithm.

    In the present form, my code does additive noise removal. If you want to remove speckle you’ll need to use a log transformation in the beginning and an exponential one at the end.

    In the main function, line 67 reads im = stablepdf(x1,alpha,0,disp,0,2); I cannot provide you the code for calculating stable density functions as at the time it was provided to me by John Nolan under promise that I won’t recirculate it. You would thus need to go to and buy the STABLE code … (or write your own function to compute stable densities)

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