Funded Research Projects

  • B-Line Quantification in Lung Ultrasound Images for Fluid Overload Determination in Children Receiving Dialysis, Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund, January – September 2016, Budget £25,000, Alin Achim (PI), Wesley Hayes, and David R. Bull
  • A Unified Framework for Scalable Video Super-Resolution and Fusion, Dstl, January 2014 – September 2014, Budget £78,816, Alin Achim (PI), David R Bull, Jose Nunez-Yanez, and Paul Hill.
  • Generic Enablers for Low-SWAPC ISTAR: Enabling low-power and low-cost sensors with hardware accelerated video super-resolution, Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE)/Dstl, Budget £75,733, August 2013 – November 2014, Jose Nunez-Yanez (PI), Alin Achim, and David R Bull.
  • TS/K005103/1 – Energy–Efficient Image Processing for Man Portable Multi-Waveband Sensor Fusion, Technology Strategy Board/EPSRC/Dstl, July 2013 – June 2014, Budget £150,000, Alin Achim (PI) and Jose Nunez-Yanez (Qioptiq Ltd. lead).
  • Helitune – Rotor Blade Tracking, June 2013 – October 2013, Budget £23,394, David R. Bull (PI) and Alin Achim.
  • GDUK Image Processing Toolbox, General Dynamics, May 2013 – September 2013, Budget £30,000, David R. Bull (PI) and Alin Achim.
  • The Centre for Alternative Testing and In-Vitro Monitoring (CATIM), European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Budget £99,506, January 2013 – December 2015, Alin Achim and Paul Verkade (co-PIs, UWE lead).
  • Image Fusion Study, RFEL Ltd., June 2012 – July 2012, Budget £22,342, Alin Achim (PI) and David R Bull.
  • Visual Signal Analysis and Processing, KUSTAR (UAE), Sep 2011 – Aug 2015, Budget £898,776, David R Bull (PI), Alin Achim and Nishan Canagarajah.
  • GD Heat Haze Distortion Correction-PHASE 1, General Dynamics, October 2011 – October 2012, Budget £34,000, Alin Achim (PI) and David R Bull.
  • Detection of Underwater Targets in Difficult Environments, Dstl, January 2010 – March 2010, Budget £34,484, Dave Bull (PI), Alin Achim and Nishan Canagarajah.
  • Enhancement of Low-Light Imagery – Phase 2, General Dynamics UK, January 2010 – March 2010, Budget £34,956, Dave Bull (PI), and Alin Achim
  • Enhancement of Low-Light Imagery, General Dynamics UK, October 2009 – December 2009, Budget £17,835, Dave Bull (PI) and Alin Achim
  • EP/H012710/1 Scalable Information Fusion: Adaptivity for Complex Environments and Secure Data, Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), August 2009 – July 2010, Budget £127,497, Dave Bull (PI), Alin Achim and Nishan Canagarajah.
  • COST TU0702 Real-Time Monitoring, Surveillance and Control of Road Networks under Adverse Weather Conditions, European Science Foundation, April 2008 – March 2012, Alin Achim (Management Committee Member)
  • Applied Multidimensional Fusion (AMDF) Cluster Project, Data & Information Fusion Defense Technology Center, Budget £240,000, July 2006 – March 2009, A. Achim (PI), Dave Bull and Nishan Canagarajah.
  • Multiresolution Algorithms for Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Systems, British Council, Budget £4,700, October 2005 – September 2007, Co-PIs: Alin Achim and Panagiotis Tsakalides (Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas)

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Research Associate / Senior Research Associate positions available

In the framework of the EPSRC funded AssenSAR project, we have available two positions focussing on the development of novel algorithms and associated software tools for the mathematical and statistical characterization of the sea surface and on the solving of a range of inverse problems involving SAR imagery, respectively. For more details see

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